Windows mobile device center 6.5 windows 7 x64

Create a BAT file with the following contents and run it as administrator: Nikita Sokolsky Nikita Sokolsky 1 12 I had the same problem and this worked for me.

Synchronization options with Windows Mobile Device Center

Thanks so much!!! Same problem here and worked for me too. This helped me to get WMDC to launch.

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Didn't install any of the dependencies from the accepted answer. Installed WMDC 6. Brilliant this worked The only other thing I noticed with my PC was that it kept coming up with " Default email application is not selected Had to restart my PC several times, but now it works, even with "Enable advanced network " checked on the device!

I have managed to get my PDA working properly with Windows These are the steps I followed to solve the problem: First of all I installed Visual Studio This is not working for me. I guess you did something additional. I did find one way to get the devices to connect in wmdc on win If i uncheck advanced network functionality on the pda under usb settings it will connect but when our users try to use the data connection for a download the reason we use wmdc the download hangs after a few seconds and then wmdc either crashes or loses the connection. So far we are unable to find any solution that works.

The bad thing is almost all of our users are on win 7 or 8. I have seen several fresh installations just work without any tweaking.

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Steps to success, definitely!!! Had the same problem. Came across an article from Zebra with the fix that worked for me: Open services. Lee Harris Lee Harris 2 Robert Koernke Robert Koernke 1 You cannot write a sentence like "Here is the answer", if this was only applicable to you not being the right answer for everyone.

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This was not the answer in my case. If you notice most of the answers on here are nearly the same, just slightly different styles. Did you make sure that you installed WMDC with windows 7 compatiblity.

I did this and it worked great! This worked for me.

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Microsoft has released multiple versions of the update. Despite how they are labeled, some updates are installable on versions of Windows that don't match how they are named. Our recommendation is to download and attempt to install all updates. At each download step, choose the or bit version that corresponds to your version of Windows. Run each update and follow the prompts to allow it to install. KB Windows 10 version info: KB Windows 10 version Anniversary Update info: If present, next uninstall Windows Mobile Device Center. Reboot if prompted.

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Once they are uninstalled, download a fresh copy from the appropriate or bit download link in this KB article: Note for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v An additional workaround is necessary; see the following article linked in Related Pages below: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update v Windows Mobile Device Center fails to install or uninstall.

A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run If the above did not work, try the following.