Sony xperia z2 ir blaster

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There's a lot of standard configs in the app, but only for TVs and such. Can't see any reason why it didn't work though. In my experience, these kind of power switches are usually controlled by radio and not IR. To control them from a mobile device or computer, there's usually a master control unit that you connect to your home network using WiFi or network cable.

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You then send commands to the master control unit using a special app and the unit then controls the switches using RF. When you say you have their frequency, it sounds like they are controlled by radio frequency and not IR. If you're new to our forums make sure that you have read our Discussion guidelines. If you want to get in touch with the local support team for your country please visit our contact page.

How to turn your Sony Xperia Z2 into a remote control

Please help us improve our website. Take our customer survey to evaluate your visit. Scratch-resistant is not scratch-proof though, so investing in a couple of screen-protectors is a good idea. Thankfully, the battery that Sony equipped it with is a huge 3, mAh, so not being able to change it should not be a problem.

It does have a microSD slot on the right side of the phone, covered by a rubber-sealed door to keep out water. Having the USB port on the side of the phone rather than the bottom does make it a little awkward to use the Z2 if it is plugged in. However, if the port was on the bottom that would be an additional point of ingress for water that would have to be protected. One of the signature elements of the Z series design has been a circular metal power button half way down the right side, and it is still present on the Z2.

It looks great and is well-placed for easy access when holding this large phone in one hand.

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However, the metal volume control rocker below the power button is a little too small and awkward to use since it sits a little too low. Further down the right side is a physical camera shutter button, something that is sadly missing from most smartphones. Not only does this button make it easy to quickly launch the camera and take a picture when the phone is locked, it also allows you to take pictures underwater, where the touchscreen does not work.

Above the screen, the Z2 has multi-colour LED notification light that changes colour depending on what app has a waiting notification, for example, blue for a Facebook update, white for email, etc. While the colours are not customizable out of the box, you can download third-party apps to do this.

Strangely, the Z2 does not have an IR blaster so you cannot use it as a universal remote , even though most of its competitors have one. You would think it would be a natural fit since Sony makes TVs too. It is a big improvement over the screen in its predecessor, the Z1, with vibrant colours and much better viewing angles. Sometimes when using it in bright light, it catches a reflection, and you can see tiny dots in the glass that are part of the digitizer grid for the touchscreen.

It is a minor issue, but still a little distracting at times when using the phone outdoors. The Z2 has a 2. While it is not the fastest variant of the there is also a 2. It is nice that the Z2 has 3 GB of RAM, since it helps with multitasking performance when you have a lot of apps open at once. Disappointingly Sony only decided to give it 16 GB of internal storage. Yes, the Z2 does have a microSD slot to add more memory, but internal storage is always better performing. The Z2 has NFC, like most current flagship phones, which can be used with contactless mobile payment systems and for quick syncing with wireless peripherals like Bluetooth speakers.

However, they are not as loud and room-filling as the stereo speakers of the HTC One M8, so are not as good for conference calls. For data connectivity, the Z2 supports a huge amount of LTE bands — 10 bands in all, which is very impressive, meaning you should be able to get LTE connectivity in most parts of the world. This makes the Z2 a great smartphone choice for business users who travel overseas frequently. Since you can also buy it unlocked from Sony you can use it on any carrier, allowing you to use local SIM cards when travelling to save on roaming fees.

IR Remotes Explained - Control Everything!!!

As for speeds, it is theoretically as fast as Mbps on the Bell or Rogers network, but the fastest I recorded when testing the phone on Bell was 64 Mbps. Its system performance is a little slower than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and slightly faster than the HTC One M8, and its graphics performance is also in the middle. In the real world, however, the performance difference between all three Android flagships is not going to be noticeable.

When you compare the Z2 to the older Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S, you can see that it is a noticeably faster device.

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However, 16 hours of continuous use is nothing to sneeze at, and still allows a business user to easily get a full working day of use out of the Z2 without having to plug it in. While there are a few other Android phones that are water-resistant, such as the Galaxy S5 which we recently reviewed , the Z2 is one of the few phones that is waterproof. While it is a bit of a pain to have to keep opening the door to access the ports, especially to charge the phone, it is worth it if it means you have a waterproof device.

This level of protection from the elements makes the Z2 an ideal phone for business users always on the go.

If you are running late for a meeting and it is pouring down with rain, you can take out your phone and read that important email without worrying if it will be damaged. Also, if you put the Z2 in a protective case, its dust and waterproofing makes it a good choice for business users who work in environments that require a rugged device.

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The best way to know is to test your Sony Xperia Z2 as a remote control on these devices. Some TV providers may not have an infrared receiver on their box or system handling TV. You will then come across a selection of applications allowing you to turn your Sony Xperia Z2 as a TV remote control for your box. Do not hesitate to take only the best rated and well commented applications. This option is available only on a limited number of televisions however, because you need Android TV on your television.

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If you do not have Android TV installed on your TV, we recommend read the other chapters of this article. To associate your phone and your TV, simply enter the code that appears on the TV. Our other articles on How to turn your Sony Xperia Z2 into a remote control can help you. Need more details?