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When you hit the ground he decides to fire a few Electric Mines. Chase him down while doing the best you can to dodge them. If you get hit, back up and Web-Swing after him until he finally stops. The last part of the fight takes place on a fairly small rooftop, and the guy is quick. Avoid his attacks, sneaking in your own strikes when the opportunity presents itself.

Just like before, Web-Shoot to restrain him, then move in for some melee shots. Eventually, Electro will launch you both into the air one last time. Continue to punch him in the face as you fall back to earth, ending the fight and sending you on to Part 13 - The Green Goblin.

Score easy takedowns on the Kingpin's lieutenants before defeating him in the boss fight. Prima Games Newsletter. Hear about the latest The Amazing Spider-Man 2 guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers! Share this article: From the Web. More from Prima Games Coverage. Comments Read this article.

Story is meh still get some boss fights. The menace system is annoying.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (mobile game)

I prob had most fun swinging around collecting comics and reading them. If you have a decent pc you can get a pirate copy since i dont think its sold anywhere on there, or you could get a ps2 emulator and play the og i reckon a potato pc could run a ps2 emulator. Yeah I'm not even gonna get it now, probably gonna buy something else, I'll just see what's in the shop tomorrow.

Yeah I played the uncharted collection a couple months back, I played the UN barred series loads when I had my PS3, although I haven't played uncharted 4 and it's not really in my radar just yet, wanna play some more games before I get to that. Yeah that's what I was planning, if there isn't anything that I'm looking for im just gonna buy uncharted, but tbh I want a long game not a game i can knock out in a day.

Uncharted is a pretty long game its like 21 chapters or so, its no gta in terms of length but it will definitely keep you busy for a fair while, another one to try is bloodborne that will definitely take some time. In all honesty I'm looking for an open world game, they're my favourite and they just tend to be longer. Ahh, maybe infamous second son i dont think it is too long but it is fairly super hero-esque and is open world. It sucks the swinging is ok and the fighting is ok but the city is small the story sucks and confusing and the hero and Menace shit is annoying.

The crimes are extremely repetitive also. The swinging is fun, but like the previous game, webs don't stick to buildings. Only difference is that LT is left handed swinging while RT is right handed. I downloaded spiderman 3 on my pc and unlocked the framerate. If you want a game with great traversal I would reccomend getting Prototype. Will really scratch that spidey itch.

Why play The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Bluestacks?

Yeah I would but I sold my last gen consoles and my Xbox one is broke, all I have us my PS4 and that doesn't have backwards compatibility. Get prototype on ps4. It's 10 bucks rn and it's an amazing "superhero" game with some of the best traversal. I hated this game, haven't played it since the week it came out.

Beat the story and had no desire to ever go back to it ever again. But the tragedy of it all is that there's a really good game in it.

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There's just so much wasted potential in a rushed product. Dude you'll end up paying more for that game than you will for Spider-Man PS4. Just do what I'm doing and hibernate. Bad graphics. Bad script.

… this isn't the forums?

Bad voice acting. Boring combat. In any case, amazing spiderman 2 isn't really that good imo.

Maybe go for Ultimate Alliance 2. It's not exactly a spiderman game but it's a damn good game with him in it. I have it started playing in finally and i'd have to say the worst part is you'll spend the better part of you time saving civilians or stopping crimes to keep that damn hero status up. I know this post is old but I was thinking of buying either Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ps3 for my cousins who can't afford a ps4.

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I just got it free with a bundle I got from someone , I played through the first game and that was But Amazing Spiderman 2 is horrible, I played it for about 30 minutes and gave up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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