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White Pages Lists people and businesses, maps, and a reverse phone number look up. Yellow Pages Mobile and personal numbers of businesses.

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Free People Search Free and easy telephone and person search directory. Area Code Local National phone directory. Iol White and yellow pages for Ireland. Beninphonebook Africa Online telephone directly. Friends Reuinted International telephone directory and people search. Country Calling Codes International country codes. Numberway Germany online directory.

How to Find a Phone Number From England | It Still Works

Phone Book of the World World international telephone directory. Apnidirectory Canadian directory and surrounding areas. Internettollfree National toll free directory. Freesearching National toll free directory.

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Search Detective Online cell phone directory, also reverse cell phone. When I first wrote this post, I had found a reverse phone lookup site that gave excellent results with both landline and cell phone numbers. Since then, readers have run into problems with the site, and so have I.

In principle, the simply named Phone Lookup is like the Google of phone lookup Web pages -- just enter the phone number you want to reverse engineer and click Lookup.

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In my experience, at times, this site is quite good at identifying the personal information of whoever is behind the phone number you enter. Often, though, it will simply announce that the information is unpublished. The site does offer to deliver names and other personal data about the owner of the phone number. There are other options as well.

You can try the reverse phone lookup at Cell Revealer , for example, or the White Pages. None will prove themselves to be magic bullets, though. If you happen to find a reliable way to perform a reverse cell phone lookup, please pass on your scoop in the comments.

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